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Since 1967, the Toyota Century has been the brand’s flagship sedan in Japan - the one used by high-level members of the country’s government and even by the Emperor of Japan. It has gone through three major updates, with the latest being the third-generation model that was introduced in 2018. It’s by far not the most popular vehicle among tuning companies but at least a few Asian firms have worked on the Century. The latest to join is Artisan with its somewhat aggressive but yet stylish kit.

The components in this package are made from either a fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon fiber reinforced polymers and therefore are not adding much to the sedan’s total weight. The kit consists of a front bumper lower valance, a new registration plate holder, wider side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a duo of spoilers - one for the boot lid and one for the roof. 

The tuner recommends that all additional aerodynamic components should get an extra layer of clear coat for protection after they are installed. This can be done by a specialist outside the company or by the company itself.

The exterior upgrades can be acquired separately piece by piece with the cheapest of them being the spoiler for the trunk, which costs 100,000 Japanese Yen ($928 at the currency exchange rates) when produced from FRP. If you go for the full kit made from the more expensive CFRP, it’ll set you back 935,000 Japanese Yen or approximately $8,680. Alternatively, you can go for the cheaper FRP set, which costs 670,000 Japanese Yen ($6,220).

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