McLaren designer Frank Stephenson expressed his desire to launch a Volkswagen Golf competitor sometime in the future.

In an interview given to Dutch magazine Autovisie, the person in charge of designing the MP4-12C, MP4-12C Spider and P1 said "I see a car like the VW Golf for 30 to 40,000 EUR, but McLaren with a carbon fiber monocoque, to happen in the future."

Frank Stephenson also expressed his disapproval regarding large design departments because he considers there are just too many people with their own opinions about styling and in the end the result is too toned down. Interestingly, Stephenson said Audi is a victim of this predicament.

He added that for a regular car manufacturer such as Kia the designer doesn't need to have a lot of engineering knowledge, but the situation changes when talking about a hypercar.

Note: Volkswagen XL1 pictured

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