X-Tomi Design has come up with a virtual interpretation of a theoretical Skoda Yeti vRS.

The chances of seeing Skoda applying its vRS treatment on the recently facelifted Yeti are slim but that hasn’t stopped X-Tomi Design from Hungary to render the car. As expected, it was envisioned with several styling cues seen on the third-gen Octavia vRS, matched with a lowered suspension, big alloy wheels and other bits and pieces worthy of the “vRS” moniker.

It's too late in the game for the current Yeti to get this treatment and it's unlikely it will happen on the next generation since there won't be a lot of people who would be willing to buy a Yeti vRS. Let's not forget Skoda has decided not to offer a vRS version of the next-gen Fabia (due in 2014) since the current model was far from being successful.

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