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It's only been half of 2020, and while the coronavirus may have slowed things down when it comes to track days around the world, the Green Hell continues to impress with not just the amount of cool cars and driving experiences, but with some very sketchy moments. We all know how dangerous the Nürburgring Nordschleife can get, with over 160 corners, all varying in braking points, visibility, severity, and even surface. You add some overly-eager drivers and riders, all with varying skill levels, during "touristenfahrten" and you have the recipe for some rowdy behavior and close-calls. 

Gallery: These Nurburgring Close Calls Are A Must-See

Auto Addiction, a famous YouTube channel that covers the cars, bikes, and culture that surrounds theNürburgring, has brought us this compilation of the most common errors and driving situations on the 'Ring. If you check out the rest of his channel, most of the accidents and spin-outs happen at the corner called "Brünnchen", a tricky pair of right-handers, with the first that goes downhill into a straight, then into a blind uphill portion. 

Of course, we'll get to see the usual smattering of BMWs, Audis, Renaults, Hondas, and VWs, but there are also some sweet Nürburgring Endurance Racing cars losing it, too. The most common mistake is usually not braking enough for the second, blind right-hander, leading to some understeer on exit. That either puts you into the sand trap, the guardrail, or your car suddenly grabs traction again and the opposite lock snaps you around. Next seems to be a lot of getting on the gas way too early, and with some of the clips showing a wet track, its a surefire recipe for a bruised ego. 

Thankfully, many of these people are lucky, and a few dings and missing plastic bits are the biggest issues in the clips. As always, remember to keep right to let faster cars pass!


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