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The team at Grannas Racing made history this week with their 2000 horsepower Toyota Supra drag car, which ran a quarter-mile in only 6.90 seconds. This record-setting run represents the fastest quarter-mile completed by an H-Pattern manual transmission vehicle. Thanks to an impressive build and proficient driving, the team was able to overcome obstacles and make history for both the Supra and manual transmission enthusiasts. 

In today’s world of dual-clutch transmissions and 10-speed automatics, it’s all too easy to assume driving quickly in a straight line is incredibly easy. This may hold true for consistent computer control automatics, but on a drag strip with a manual transmission car, driver skill is critical. A missed shift can impact times or even result in disaster for the car. A Bugatti Chiron can run a quarter-mile in 9.9-seconds or a full 3 seconds behind the stick shift Supra in today’s video.

The H-Pattern Stick Shift quarter-mile world record has seen a lot of competition lately. In 2018 Cleetus McFarland’s stripped-down Corvette ran a quarter-mile time of 7.824 seconds. Then, in April of 2019, a Mustang known as Minion set a record time of 7.67 seconds. Most recently, a 1997 Camaro held the record with a time of 7.546. 

The cars that previously held this coveted record are certainly impressive, but when you consider that a second separates them from the Supra in today’s video, the magnitude of Granna; Racing’s achievement becomes apparent. The flame-spitting MK4 Supra can set an even better time as the car lost power during the final 1000ft of the quarter-mile run. 

We’re excited to see what happens when Grannas Racing’s MK4 Supra can complete a fully powered run down the 1320. Chances are, it will break its own record further pushing the boundaries of stick shift performance.

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