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A car collection isn't really something new. We've seen different automobile collections before, some of which are notably expensive such as Manny Khoshbin's hypercar collection. Most, however, go for a single car brand. Call it fanaticism or just plain affection to the brand, but it's respectable in more ways than one. Remember the man who owns 114 Volkswagen Golfs?

But how far would you really go for to relish your love for a car brand? Tyson Hugie, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, is an avid fan of Acura. So much so, that he converted a part of his house into a six-garage that looks like an Acura showroom from the '90s.

Acura Garage by Tyson Hugie
Preview of the garage before the makeover.

The video on top gives you a quick tour of Hugie's latest creation. From original brochures to other ornaments endemic during the '90s, his Acura garage is indeed a time capsule and a reminder of the Japanese marque's heyday. If you're to wake up in an Acura heaven, it will more likely look like Hugie's garage.

Hugie documents his car collection well in his DriveToFive blog. As the name of the blog suggests, his goal is to take his readers and fellow car nerds into his journey with his Acura Legend Coupe and ILX. The Legend Coupe has already accrued more than 500,000 miles ... and counting.

Those were just two members of his garage. Together with an Integra GS-R, a Legend Sedan, a Vigor, and a Formula Red NSX, the whole garage totals 1.3 million miles in total distance covered. Even better, all these cars come with manual transmissions. Purists, rejoice!

As people who love cars, we tip our hats to Hugie and his never-ending love for Acuras, and we hope to see more of his adventures in the years to come.

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