The entries for the 10th annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge have been revealed. They include concepts from Subaru, Mazda and BMW DesignworksUSA.

The entries for the 10th annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge have been revealed.

Dubbed "Biomimicry & Mobility 2025 – Nature's Answer to Human Challenges," this year's challenge includes twelve entries which have been designed to address a variety of problems including congestion, pollution and sustainability.

First up, BMW DesignworksUSA has two entries called L.A. Subways and S.E.E.D (Sustainable Efficient Exploratory Device). The first concept envisions using waterways as roads, while the second draws inspiration from a maple seed and uses a multifunctional rotating tail.

Changfeng Motor's LaBrea draws inspiration from a grasshopper and is capable of running, jumping, climbing and swimming.

Japan's JAC Motors HEFEI (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure) promotes "symbiosis between vehicles and their urban environment." As a result, idled vehicles are used to power running vehicles while a power grid supports the entire system.

Mazda Design America can up with the AUTO ADAPT which can transform and become fully autonomous.

Qoros envisioned a "Silk Road System" that allows cars to operate "harmoniously" with each other to eliminate accidents.

SAIC Motor's Mobiliant is a single-seat vehicle with an ant-inspired structure. It promises to be eco-friendly and was designed for public transport.

Subaru's SUBA-ROO is described as a "one-legged, self-contained, wearable mobility vehicle" that jumps like a kangaroo. It promises to "widen the boundaries of mobility and bring back the joy of personally mobility for everyone to enjoy."

Lastly, Toyota's CALTY Design Research e-grus has an aerodynamic design that draws inspiration from a crane. It has a shape shifting body and can be driven autonomously.

The concepts will be judged by a variety of Design scholars and the winner will be announced on November 21st.

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