Following an International Report conducted, Toyota has been named as the Most Valuable Automotive Brand in the world with a calculated value of $33.4 Billion. Market researcher Millward Brown Optimor (MBO) said Toyota's ability to deliver on the promise of corporate social responsibility had helped its brand value increase by 11 per cent over the past 12 months. MBO Said "Toyota's success in marketing its hybrid model Prius contributed to its positive brand image and its continued leadership in the automotive sector." Lexus has also broken into the top ten for the first time. See the top ten list after the jump. Top ten automotive brands 2007 (previous year's ranking in brackets) 1. (1) Toyota ($33.4 billion)
2. (2) BMW ($25.8 billion)
3. (3) Mercedes ($17.8 billion)
4. (4) Honda ($15.5 billion)
5. (7) Porsche ($13.4 billion)
6. (5) Ford ($12.6 billion)
7. (6) Chevrolet ($11.2 billion)
8. (8) Nissan ($11.2 billion)
9. (9) Volkswagen ($7.0 billion)
10. (11) Lexus ($5.4 billion)

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Toyota is World's Most Valuable Automotive Brand