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Update: In addition to the base price not changing, several updates are reportedly coming to the 2021 'Vette. Chevrolet is mum so far as to what they are, but the article below explains what we do know about the C8's second year of production.


The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette was easily the biggest new car reveal for 2019, and possibly the biggest reveal in decades. Not only did America’s sports car get a mid-engine makeover, it stayed relatively affordable with a base price under $60,000. It was barely a month after the reveal that we heard the sub-$60,000 entry point would almost certainly disappear for 2021, but that was long before coronavirus changed everything.

Now, we’re hearing from Corvette Blogger that pricing for 2021 models won’t change even a teeny bit. The word reportedly comes straight from Chevrolet, specifically Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter who spoke to people remotely in an online version of the National Corvette Museum’s annual NCM Bash. Traditionally held at the museum every spring, this year’s event went online due to the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting the United States. Obviously that didn’t stop Corvette fans from chatting with automaker representatives who seemed eager to share a bit of good news.

It’s not as if there was much room to move the Corvette’s price while keeping it under the $60,000 threshold. With destination charges included, a base C8 retails for $59,995. Almost nobody is buying the base car, however, with stats in the Corvette Blogger report showing a majority of 2020 Corvette buyers opting for an up-spec 3LT model. For that matter, owning a little red Corvette still seems to be the way to go, as Torch Red is shown as being the most ordered color of them all.

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Speaking of colors, the report says that 2021 will see two exterior shades retired, with two new shades coming aboard. Blade Silver will be replaced by Silver Flare, and Long Beach Red will be swapped with Red Mist Metallic. It’s not exactly a mind-blowing revelation, but there will be at least some differences for 2021.

As for the 2021 cars, production for the next model year is pushed back due to coronavirus. Word is that Chevrolet will continue building as many 2020 cars as it can through October, with a model-year changeover happening in November.

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