There's an attempt to tow his Escort while it does a burnout, too.

Generally, if you see a Ford F-450 dually pickup sliding, then something very bad is happening, but not this time. Ken Block takes his satin black behemoth of a truck to an empty Utah Motorsports Campus. You might be familiar with the huge piece of tarmac for drifting there from his last video where Block teaches his 13-year-old daughter how to slide a car.

The plan to start is to haul Block's Gymkhana Ford Escort to the track and do burnouts on the trailer while the F-450 pulls it. This idea quickly dies when another member of the Hoonigan crew gets behind the wheel and promptly breaks both axle half shafts. The engine can't spin the wheels if the power can't get to them.

Gallery: Ken Block Drifts Ford F-450

Block unhooks the trailer and starts with a burnout. Then, he begins to drift the big pickup. From the outside the view, he makes it look easy, but the in-cabin camera shows Block gritting his teeth.

He says during the interview after sliding around that drifting the F-450 is actually tricky. The power response from the diesel engine makes modulating the throttle a challenge, making holding a slide a challenge. Block is an expert, though, and manages to figure things out. The result is a very fun video.

If you're looking for the next installment in the Gymkhana series, filming for it begins later in the year. However, Block won't be behind the wheel this time. Instead, Travis Pastrana will take over driving a Subaru. Block likely won't be able to stay away for too long from the series that really launched his stardom.