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Earlier today, Nissan announced its restructuring plan that includes launching 12 new models over the next 18 months. The company released an accompanying teaser video called “Nissan Next: From A to Z” that showed off the silhouettes of several, including the rumored next-generation Z sports car and what appears to be the 2021 Nissan Frontier. The video below has a boxy pickup truck cruising past the letter F, giving us our first shadowed look at the next-gen pickup truck.

Sadly, we can’t see much of the truck even though the lighting does illuminate a few parts, including the roof and hood. We don’t know what it’ll look like, though Nissan promised it’d be more aerodynamic than the current pickup, which debuted in 2004. However, it does have some resemblance to the leaked Nissan Frontier Nismo photo from earlier this month. The headlights both feature dual daytime running lights that appear to have the same design, too.

At the front, you can see the shiny hood meet the dull grille surround – yet another styling feature spotted on the leaked Frontier Nismo. The hood also looks similar, with deep creases on the edges that add some definition to the otherwise flat sheet metal.

One thing the Frontier Nismo featured that we can’t identify on the truck in the teaser is the flared fenders. The leaked showed off some surprisingly aggressive fenders that were wide enough for an opening just below the headlight. We can explicitly see the fenders; however, the teaser does show an odd bit of sheet metal reflecting between the two DRLs.

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The 2021 Nissan Frontier should debut before the end of the year. While it’ll feature a new design with a new V6 engine, which Nissan introduced in the 2020 model, it will carry over some parts from the current truck. It could also receive a significant price increase, too. However, until Nissan officially reveals the 2021 Frontier, all we have to go on are rumors.

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