The Bentley brand has long been synonymous with redefining automotive luxury. While its cars are exquisite on the outside, the level of craftsmanship seen on Bentley’s interiors is breathtaking. A press release showcasing the interior of the all-new Flying Spur suggests this opulent sedan is no exception. 

While many luxury brands spend quite a bit of time on front-seat accommodations, passengers at the rear often go unnoticed. Bentley has taken this to heart with the goal of ensuring that passengers in the rear of the Flying Spur experience the same standard of quality as those up front. Right from the start, it’s clear that the goal is well and truly accomplished. 

Gallery: Bentley Flying Spur Interior

The options list for the back of the British automaker’s luxury car is exactly as ridiculous as you’d expect. While there are some options commonly seen in other luxury vehicles, the similarities end with the available refrigerated bottle cooler. Placed between the rear seats and behind the armest, the bottle cooler can accommodate six 330ml soft drinks, four 500ml bottles, or even two full-sized bottles of Champagne. We’d like to guess most owners would keep the cooler stocked with either wine or Champagne rather than soft drinks.

Other crazy options include the number of available materials. Customers will be able to choose from 15 different hide colors and eight different veneers to create a truly unique interior aesthetic. Even details as petite as the color of the stitching and emblems can be specified by the prospective customer.

Although the interior of the Flying Spur is one of the most customizable and comfort/ tech-driven interiors the British-automaker has ever made, Bentley is still committed to making improvements. The brand is still designing new options and accommodations for the interior and says those features will be revealed very soon.

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  • Bentley’s expertise in luxury and innovation combine to deliver the ultimate place to relax or work on the move
  • Beautiful materials combine with the latest technology
  • Rear Seat Entertainment, Naim audio and the Touch Screen Remote bring audio-visual technology to the fingertips
  • Integrated bottle cooler delivers chilled refreshments
  • An almost infinite number of ways to specify the rear cabin

(Crewe, 27 May 2020) A range of rear cabin options for the all new Flying Spur showcases Bentley’s expertise in creating a modern cabin of unrivalled luxury and innovation. From the very start of development, the focus was on ensuring that passengers in the rear experience the same standard and quality as those in the front. Customers have the ability to select unique configurations tailoring the rear cabin to suit their desires and requirements.

Through a range of optional equipment including Rear Seat Entertainment tablets, audio options up to the industry-leading Naim for Bentley system and even the luxury of an onboard two-bottle drinks cooler, the rear cabin of the Flying Spur is the ultimate place to work or relax while on the road.

The new refrigerated bottle cooler can be found between the rear seats behind the centre armrest. With two levels of cooling from +6°C to -6°C and the ability to accommodate six 330ml soft drinks, four 500ml bottles or two full sized (750ml) champagne bottles, the cooler can be stocked to suit any journey. A completely new design means that the cooler is packaged into a much smaller space than the previous generation Flying Spur, meaning less intrusion into the vast 420 litre boot space.    

“The interior of the Flying Spur is a striking combination of the very latest integrated technology, beautiful materials and design prowess. It is progressive but retains a timeless quality that will still be stylish and appealing for decades to come” comments Brett Boydell, Head of Interior Design for the Flying Spur.

Integrated Technology for Work or Relaxation

As the most advanced Bentley ever built, the Flying Spur is a fusion of cutting-edge electronics and artisan craftsmanship. It represents the very latest in Bentley’s forward-looking approach to technology; blending ease of use with exquisite design and functionality.

At the centre of the rear cabin, the multi-functional five-inch colour Touch Screen Remote can be found mounted in the rear of the centre console. At a press of a button the Touch Screen Remote glides from the console and allows the rear occupants to control many features including rear seat functionality, climate control, window blinds and even the movement of the Flying B bonnet mascot.

The rear seats offer 14-way adjustment and five massage modes, with key adjustments being made via door mounted switches. The rear outer seats are both ventilated and heated with electrically controlled headrests accommodating each individual’s personal preference.

Customers can specify the ultimate in-car audio experience by specifying the pinnacle Naim for Bentley sound system. A 2,200 Watt 21-channel amplifier feeds a system of 19 speakers (including Super Tweeters) and two seat-mounted bass transducers, with eight DSP sound modes and illuminated speaker grilles.   

Complementing the Naim For Bentley audio system, customers can also specify Rear Seat Entertainment, consisting of a pair of tablets located on the back of the front seats to give access to the Bentley Multimedia System. The removable 10.2” Android tablets have 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connections for effortless, high-speed on-board connectivity and facilitate access to the Google Play store whilst having their own internal memory for media, downloads and the full range of apps.

Beautiful Materials and Contemporary Design

Utilising the extensive specification offering, customers can choose between a selection of fifteen hide colours and eight different veneers to create an individual specification. Stitching and emblems can also be specified in blind or contrast colours, as well as the option of contrast piping to the seat covers - reminiscent of the original Flying Spur from the 1950s.          

Building on the company’s heritage, Bentley’s craftsmanship also continues to evolve, delivering new contemporary features such as 3D leather door panels and lofted diamond quilting to the seats (included in the Mulliner Driving Specification).

“We wanted to take our tradition of quilting and push the envelope by moving the game on to the next level. The introduction of 3D leather quilting was a ground-breaking process – a totally fresh idea that had never been seen before” says Boydell.         

To maximise the visual impact of the materials used throughout the cabin, an optional panoramic glass sunroof can be specified, flooding the interior with light and emphasising the design lines that flow from the new fascia connecting the front and rear passenger area.

The Next Stage

The new Flying Spur already offers the most customisable, comfortable and technology-driven cabin of any Bentley. The process of pushing the boundary never stops, and to ensure customers’ expectations are continually exceeded, more options to enhance the rear cabin even further are in development and will be revealed soon.

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