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Time and again, we've seen pressure washers doing ridiculous things to automobiles. While typically pressure washers are used to wash cars to get rid of gunk and dirt, some examples are so powerful that they can obliterate an entire vehicle and cut through steel at will. 

We've seen a pressure washer destroy a Peugeot 206 and a Ford Sierra before, with over 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure on its employ. It's ghastly yet fun sight, but wait until you see a Nissan's interior gets pressure-washed with soap and water.

Can You Paint A Car Using A Pressure Washer?
This isn't the final product – it's the base car

Crazy, right? Well, Garage 54, Youtubers that sort of do bonkers things with cars, wants to take that to another level. They are actually curious if you can use a pressure washer in painting cars. Of course, they've documented the whole thing on a video, which you can watch on top of this page.

After the usual preparations when repainting an old car, our favorite Russians set off to repaint an entire vehicle with blue paint. We're not certain how powerful the pressure washer used was, but we're certain that it's the regular ones used for car washing.

Unsurprisingly, the final product wasn't good. The entire seemed to receive a decent amount of paint job when seen from afar, but a closer inspection should show you some drips and inconsistencies with the finish. 

But then again, it's interesting how quick this paint job was. If there's a record for the quickest car repaint, these guys should probably go home with that accolade.

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