Do you prefer this or the supposed leaked images?

See our article for full details on the new 2021 Ford Bronco.

Ford has yet to reveal the sixth-generation Bronco and its smaller derivative, the Bronco Sport, but fans weren't deprived of information about the SUV's rebirth. Tons of details have emerged ever since it was announced, as well as several leaked images for both the full-size and the bantam versions.

With this, if we believe that the leaked images were the actual Bronco and Bronco Sport, we all have an idea of what both will look like. Of course, nay-sayers already have a say about its styling, and so are the usual artists who make renderings and design edits of vehicles. One of the latter is Marouane Bembli otherwise known as TheSketchMonkey on Youtube.

Ford Bronco Redesigned By The Sketch Monkey
Ford Bronco Redesigned By The Sketch Monkey

According to Bembli, he would like to see the new Bronco keeping faith with its original design that came out in the '70s, all while incorporating some modern cues. To do that, he took an old image of the Bronco and reworked it with what we've seen in the leaked images.

Bembli removed the chromes accents, of course, then lifted the front overhangs a bit to incorporate Ford's modern bumpers. He also tweaked the greenhouse to cope with the times, plus adding the updated grille with the brand spelled out at the front.

The final product looks fantastic, we reckon. You can compare the before and after images by using the slider on the images above.

Meanwhile, we'll more likely see the actual Bronco and Bronco Sport designs at a more later date since the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic isn't showing signs of slowing down. Ford, however, confirmed to that Bronco will still hit dealers in 2021.