While we've certainly seen some interesting bits about the Hummer H1 in our news section on the website, we mustn't forget that the H2, while it may be one of the more unpopular Hummer models, does pop up once in a while. For those of you who have subscribed and are followers of The Fast Lane Truck YouTube Channel, you'll probably know that Andre, the guy in this video, has a 2003 Hummer H2 that he's been driving extensively both on and off-road. He says its capabilities have surprised him and it has been able to tackle most of the stuff that's been thrown at it so far. In this video, however, it's all about towing, something that might not be at the top of mind when it comes to a Hummer, let alone an H2. 

Gallery: Watch Hummer H2 Do 0-60 MPH Test While Towing Boat

Now the whole point of the video is to demonstrate not just the towing capabilities of the H2, but also the acceleration, and fuel consumption that one could get in case you want to take your boat out to a pier and the unapologetic H2 is the only thing you have that has a hitch. Thankfully, the engine is a tried and true 6.0-liter Vortec V8 that makes 316 (326 kW) horsepower and 360 lb-ft (488 Nm) of torque and hasn't given him any problems whatsoever. He does note that the older four-speed automatic shifts much slower than most. 

The trailer that he's towing weighs in at 5,700 pounds thanks to a 2004 Tige ski boat, but that shouldn't be an issue because the H2 was rated at 8,000 pounds. In the video, you'll see that the H2 takes quite a while to get to 60 miles per hour, and the engine screams up to redline (5,500 rpm). The total time it takes? About 35 seconds.

Yeah, not the fastest out there, and it's more noise than speed. When you combine a 7,000-pound truck with a 5,700 trailer, what do you expect? On the other hand, fuel consumption wasn't too bad despite the constant flooring at 9.6 miles per gallon, and the transmission temperatures were manageable. 



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