Today's pickups aren't the bare-bones work trucks of 30 or even 20 years ago. They're packed with fine leathers, massive digital screens, and have price tags that could make a well-appointed Mercedes blush. But, at their core, they're designed to work – haul, tow, move, etc. – and one such Ford F-250 work truck got a well-deserved cleaning before heading to auction. And boy, did it need it.

The video below, while short, shows how the terrible condition the detailer, Matthew Booth, owner of Beepz auto detailing in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, received the truck. The owner used the truck for work, collecting garbage and junk from various businesses, construction sites, recreational areas, and other places, and then scrapping it. The truck has done nothing but this kind of work, and it had never been detailed before Booth got his hands on it. The owner wanted it squeaky clean before it headed to auction, and, hopefully, a cleaner career.

The results are dramatic. It took Booth over 10 hours to complete with two to three treatments needed to remove the stains. It took a lot of effort, too, including using hot water extraction on the upholstery surfaces, cleaning the door panels and dashboard with a soft brush, steaming the surfaces, and more. Booth then added a UV protectant conditioner to the plastics, vinyl, and rubber, too.


It's nice to know that there's still life left even in the dirtiest of cars, and that professional detailing with all the tools is often necessary to remove those deep-seated, sun-dried stains from the upholstery. It's also pleasurable to watch the dirt and grime get wiped away, revealing the pristine plastic and vinyl underneath years of hard work and grime. You can see more before-and-after work from both Beepz and Booth at the company's Instagram if your ride needs a thorough wash.

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