Here's how to get your job done while enjoying the outdoors.

Boreas Campers specializes in trailers that you can haul into the wilderness, but with people increasingly working from home, the company now offers a guide of how to do your job from anywhere – including a campsite deep in the wilderness. The perfect setup is going to be different for everyone, but here are some things to think about if you want to push working remotely to the concept's limits.

Having access to the Internet is the major requirement of working remotely. Boreas Campers recommends an antenna and cellular signal booster. In the company's guide, two customers report that placing a 25-foot-long telescoping antenna outside the trailer provides enough reception for their needs. There are also apps that you can check to confirm whether there's a cellular tower near your campsite that the signal booster can reach.

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Once you have Internet, then the next necessity is having electricity to run everything so that you can do a day of work. Boreas Campers trailers come with 110 watts of solar and an absorbent glass mat battery. If someone wants to spend an extended amount of time in the wilderness, the company adding additional batteries.

When the workday is done, the company's trailers have a small galley for food preparation. The entry-level AT Camper Trailer has cabinets, a stainless steel countertop, and comes pre-wired for a 12-volt refrigerator. The XT Camper Trailer offers even more like a two-burner propane cooktop, stainless steel sink, refrigerator/freezer, and 20-gallon water supply.

The Boreas Campers touts the fact that its trailers don't use wood in their construction, which boosts their ruggedness by removing concerns about the material rotting. Their compact size makes pulling them through the wilderness easier. Inside, there's a queen-sized mattress, and the hard sides offer more security in inclement weather than a soft-sided tent.

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Boreas Campers Provide Ideal Setup for Remote Work Basecamp
With increase in remote working, Boreas Campers share a way to login from the backcountry
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5/21/2020 Maggie Reichel


Denver, CO: Boreas Campers (previously Into the Wild Overland) camper trailers are uniquely equipped to support remote workers during this time of social distancing. For those who have recently started working from home, and will continue to do so in the future, there are options for setting up the trailer to be a backcountry office.

We spoke with two Boreas owners who have set up their off road campers to enable them to work remotely in an effort to share with others who may be interested in a similar situation.

What equipment do you use to work from your Boreas Camper?
Darren: Laptop. Cellular repeater. A weBoost Drive 4G X Signal Booster. 25’ telescoping mast antenna. A small, portable monitor screen that plugs in with an HDMI to add additional screen real estate since I work with a lot of tabs open.

Nick: A custom setup assembled from the Booster brain and power adaptor from the Drive X kit, wideband directional 50 ohm outdoor antenna, a desktop indoor antenna, and a 25’ telescoping antenna pole.

Why is the Boreas such a good fit for remote work?
Darren: ‘I tried tent camping while remote working but it just wasn’t feasible. The fridge and 20-gallon water capacity on the Boreas eliminates frequent trips to town, and being settled in a location with the things I need makes it possible to do my job well, even in the backcountry. Having the hard sided camper is key too when nasty weather rolls in.’

Nick: ‘The Boreas has no wood, is super rugged and a great construction. I know wherever I can go with my tow vehicle, the camper can come too. If you can be patient and understand it takes trial and error and exploring to see what you can find, then you will really enjoy working in the backcountry. And make sure you have good batteries.’

We published a blog detailing additional requirements and considerations for working remotely in the backcountry, which can be viewed here.

About Boreas Campers: Founded in 2015, Boreas Camper trailers are true off-road and off-grid camper trailers built in Denver, Colorado. With industry leading zero-wood construction and lifetime warranty, there is no better way to get off the grid without losing peace of mind.

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