Tigra Wears Mango and Vice Versa

Fair enough, this is not exactly earth shattering news, but a picture can speak more than a thousand words. So I'll shut up now and let the picture speak for itself. (Caption: Opel and Mango share the same target audience, so in an effort to be efficient they have opted for a marketing cooperation. Models in Opel ads shall wear Mango clothes, and Mango ads, we can only suppose, will have Opel Tigra's in them. Anyways, the photo is from the Mango autumn show in Barcelona. Underlying thought in the co-op is that cars are as much a fashion accessory as clothes are, and that streets turn into catwalks. I can't help but disagree with it, or at least hate the fact that cars are actually turning into fashion wear [see: smart, scion, etc]. Oh, and just to be on the safe side, don't attempt this at home, streets are not actually catwalks!)

Gallery: Tigra Wears Mango and Vice Versa

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