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We have good news and bad news for eager Chevrolet Corvette fans with cash and a desire to put a new 2020 C8 in the garage. A new analysis from Cars Direct says there are a few models still available, so if you’re really keen on owning the first year of the mid-engine Corvette, you can make it happen. Given all the hype surrounding this car and the reduced production due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a good chance this could become something of a collector’s item in the years to come.

That’s the good news obviously, but now here’s the kick-in-the-teeth you knew was coming. You likely won’t drop by your local dealership to make a deal, because as of right now, there are approximately 30 cars left in the entire country. Chevrolet only managed to produce around 2,700 cars before the coronavirus shutdown, and while production should be picking back up shortly, General Motors is being cagey on specifics regarding 2020's remaining run.

The second part of this bad news affects your bank account, as these few remaining cars will almost certainly be tagged with excessive dealership markups. Cars Direct found a well-optioned 3LT in Utah for $139,210 – nearly double the cost of a base model C8. It’s possible you might find one on the used market, but don’t expect prices to be much better. Our search found a 3LT with 887 miles on the odometer selling at a Hyundai dealership in South Dakota for $125,000.

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If you can be patient, however, more Corvettes are coming. We just heard today that 2020 Corvette Convertible production could begin in July, and coupe production should get swinging shortly. The result of this, however, means 2021 production will be pushed back to possibly November. With Chevrolet no longer taking 2020 orders, it means C8 buyers can either bite the bullet and shell out big bucks now for a car in hot demand, or wait another year.

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