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Many petrolheads will know the original Dodge Challenger Hellcat was a straight-line barnstormer. It featured one of the most powerful production Hemi V8s that Dodge ever made, boasting over 700 horsepower (594 kilowatts) from the factory. Along with the frenzied powerplant, the Hellcat was capable of doing over 190 mph  (305 km/h) while being fully road legal. Even with these mightily impressive figures, the American automaker didn’t become complacent.

The Redeye seen in this video from Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds is a big step faster than the Hellcat. Along with wider fenders that keep 275-section rubber out of the elements, the Redeye features an uprated version of the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 producing almost 800 hp (596 kW). With wider tracks and more power, the Redeye is marketed as a Challenger Demon more suitable for the road.

All of these headline figures are good enough to power the Redeye to 178 mph (289 kph) in the one-mile speed test featured above. We’d like to think the eight-speed automatic gearbox seen on the Dodge in this clip has a quicker gear change than the six-speed manual. All we can say for sure is that the folks at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds recorded just about every possible stat they could during the test.

hellcat redeye 01

The video features a laundry list of metrics recorded on the day; measurements as simple as track temperature to much more complex atmospheric data like dew point, air pressure, and even how the surface material of the runway changes over the pass.

All of the science aside, the driving experience of the Redeye is sure to have satisfied the Dodge brothers. It produces the same savagery seen in the Demon with the track width and tire to tame it for the public highway.

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