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Ford wants the Bronco to compete against the Jeep Wrangler, a staple in the off-road world, and steal away some sales, too. But to do that, there needs to be the same robust community felt by Wrangler owners and fans, and it looks like Ford is doing precisely that. The Dearborn automaker, setting its sights on the dusty trails of America's wilderness, has named its first nationally recognized and certified online Bronco community –  

The site offers a ton of features such as a robust forums platform, a place for the latest news, and a membership map that'll highlight Bronco communities, trails, events, and more. You can check out the map now, and see several gatherings already there, but we're doubtful what they'll look like with so many summer car events canceled due to the coronavirus. Members can also create round-up events, with the site giving a ton of leeway on what registered members can schedule, such as trail clean-ups, local meetups, and more.

There's an online store that sells Bronco Nation patches, stickers, T-shirts, and snapbacks. It's a small selection – for now. The site will also host customer stories, how-to guides, video tutorials, and featured builds while giving members the opportunity to engage with Bronco and off-road experts. It offers a lot and will have to compete with already well-established Bronco forums for an audience. Still, as the only recognized and certified online Bronco community, you can bet Ford will push new owners to it.

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A well-designed site is excellent for enthusiasts, but it does little if the new Bronco isn't here. However, that should change soon. Ford was supposed to show it off at the 2020 New York Auto Show, but the coronavirus led to the event's cancellation. Last year, Ford said we'd see it this spring, which is a promise the automaker can still fulfill. Ford hasn't been shy about making the Bronco a true off-roader, but it's only part of the equation for the off-road enthusiast. There needs to be community, too, and it looks like Ford hopes to help capitalize on that.

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