Riley Sports Cars Set for Revival

PistonHeads breaks a story today that William Riley has the full intention of reviving the Riley brand, which has been dormant since 1969. Plans are to build the sports cars in Blackpool, and they won't be TVR's but MG's. Over the next week orso mr. Riley hopes to present plans for a new factory in Blackpool and he's ready to start hiring workers (most likely some of the ex-TVR workers). Nanjing has of course bought all the rights concerning MG, but the MG Sports and Racing brand is still in ownership of PriceWaterhouseCoopers and talks are well advanced according to Mr. Riley, so we can only hope of the return of the MG X-Power SV Coupe. There are rumours of a second model, described as a premium MG X-Power roadster and coupe. More over at PistonHeads, just click the source link.

Gallery: Riley Sports Cars Set for Revival

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