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GMC told us back in March that the Hummer EV would feature removable roof panels. We were supposed to see that and the rest of the pickup today, but the coronavirus forced the company to delay the reveal indefinitely. Instead, though, the automaker is giving us our first look at just the truck’s unique removable roof panel design in a short video teaser. 

At just 25 seconds, the teaser is pointed upward at the sky as it slowly pans across the three openings in the roof. One large opening is over the front passengers while the rear features a T-top design. GMC says in the release attached to the teaser that the Hummer EV will feature “easily removable roof panels to provide a unique open-air experience.” GMC achieves that experience with four removable roof panels, according to the truck’s consumer site. A removable front T-bar accounts for that large opening over the front seats. The video may also show some large dashboard panels.

Even though GMC canceled the reveal scheduled for today, the automaker has said development continues undeterred. A small notice in the bottom right of the teaser says initial availability will be Fall 2021, which is on schedule.

When it arrives, it won’t pack the V8 that made it a suburban icon. Instead, it’ll receive GM’s Ultimum batteries and up to three electric motors. They’ll produce up to 1,000 horsepower (745 kilowatts) and 11,500 pound-feet (15,591 Newton-meters) of axle torque – but the torque figure is a bit misleading. The company says a sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) will happen in 3.0 seconds.  

GMC Hummer EV (Rendering)

The Hummer EV won’t the only pickup that’ll offer removable roof panels. The Jeep Gladiator does, too, but these two trucks aren’t competitors. GMC bills itself as a premium brand, and we expect the 1,000-hp, all-electric Hummer EV to be no different. GMC has yet to provide a full rundown of what to expect from the Hummer EV, though we hope more teasers in the coming weeks and months will give us more information to digest.

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First Look: GMC HUMMER EV’s Unique Open-Air Design

DETROIT – The zero-emissions, zero-limits GMC HUMMER EV features easily removable roof panels to provide a unique open-air experience. Stay tuned here for more news about our all-electric super truck in the coming months.

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