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A Florida family's surveillance camera captured a shocking crash when a driver in a Toyota RAV4 smashed through the home's fence, grazed the top of a pool, and destroyed the fence on the other side of the yard. The crossover came to a stop in the neighborhood's street.

The video above shows the crash from two angles. One view focuses on the pool and shows the crossover carrying enough speed that it can skim across the top without falling into the water. The other clip is wide enough to capture the RAV4 going through one fence, destroying the barrier around the pool, and then out the other side of the yard. Photos from the scene showed extensive damage to the crossover, but the vehicle came to rest on its wheels, despite being nearly sideways during some of the crash.

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Police believe the driver suffered a diabetic shock that caused the person to lose control of the vehicle. An ambulance transported the individual to the hospital. It's not clear whether the crash caused any injuries to the driver.

The accident didn't harm any members of the family, including the two, young children. It had rained recently, so they weren't using the pool.

"It was like an explosion, like a big explosion," said homeowner Carlos Lago told WPLG News

One side of the family's home borders a busy intersection and crashes like this aren't uncommon. Lagos told WPLG News that similar incidents have happened to his neighbor seven times. For protection from out-of-control vehicles, he said that he wanted the city to install a wall or some other safety barrier.

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