The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is among the most preferred models for camper conversions. We’ve seen so many different applications, varying from an off-road-oriented motorhome to a luxury cocoon to a sleek sporty-looking home on wheels. Today’s transformed Sprinter shows us yet another different take on the German bus.

It comes from CoPilot, a company known for its smart camper transformations, and wears the FOMO moniker. It’s basically a camper van for mountain bikers as it can carry bikes and different gear, while at the same time offering enough room for up to three grown-ups. The core of the interior is a smart floor design, which can accommodate loads of gear and tools.

Gallery: CoPilot FOMO

“Designed with the ultimate gearhead in mind, this van can comfortably sleep 3, has a built-in shower, hot water heater, cassette toilet, a Dometic fridge, 2-burner cooktop/sink combo, and that’s just up front,” says the official description of the product.

Yes, you read that right - you can even take a shower onboard the FOMO and that’s not something we see often from a standard-wheelbase Sprinter. Add to that the giant three-person bed and you have everything you need for a quality escape in the wild. The design of the camper van was created by Auston and Jen Wilson, CoPilot’s founders, when they wanted to build a van as their own personalized rig. The added extra sleeping space was needed for the official "copilot," a golden retriever named Duke, as NewAtlas reports.

“Wherever adventure takes you, in this van, you’ll be ready.”

The base conversion offered by CoPilot includes the fixed high bed, sofa, kitchen with stove, sink and fridge, indoor and outdoor showers, cassette toilet, and 76-L fresh and gray water tanks. This package has a price of approximately $35,000 and can be installed on a Sprinter, Ford Transit or Ram Promaster. Additional upgrades according to the customer’s specifications are also possible.

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