Not now, not ever.

The 992 generation will eventually blossom to represent the largest lineup of 911 models Porsche has ever offered since the sports car’s inception in the early 1960s. Although the peeps from Zuffenhausen are willing to develop even more derivatives – including a hybrid – a Carrera with a naturally aspirated engine is not going to happen.

The head of Porsche’s GT production sports cars, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, spoke with Evo magazine and revealed there are not any plans to ditch the pair of turbos in the 911 Carrera. The return of the naturally aspirated mill in a Carrera is not happening due to hardware constraints as the company’s 4.0-liter six-cylinder installed in the Cayman GTS and GT4 doesn’t have enough room in the 911’s engine bay.

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“The 4-liter engine in the GTS can’t be rotated through 180 degrees to fit in the 911. We will not see them again [naturally aspirated engines in the Carrera models]. I’m sorry about that.”

He went on to say it would be too costly to engineer a naturally aspirated variant that would be compatible with the 992 Carrera. It would require other changes beyond the engine itself, which would not represent a viable business decision.

While purists obviously won’t be happy, they will appreciate another statement made by Walliser. He said he’ll fight to keep the manual gearbox alive, although he admits the day will come when the 911 will lose the clutch pedal.

“We had to go to the board I think seven times to explain why we need to offer a manual gearbox. We will offer one [a manual gearbox] as long as possible, but one day it will not be possible to do so. But I hope that day is a long way away.”

It all depends on the take rate as although social media tends to overuse the #savethemanuals hashtag, the people who are actually buying three-pedal cars directly influence a company’s decision to offer a stick shift or not.