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The Ram Rebel TRX. It seems like we’ve been hearing about this truck for years. That’s because it’s literally been years, starting with the Rebel TRX concept back in 2016. In April 2018 we heard a Hellcat-powered TRX was in the pipeline, and a little over a year ago we dug up some exclusive info on what this SVT Raptor fighter would bring to the table. After that, a few test mule sightings and just one prototype sighting brings us to the here and now, with our first video capture of the long-await Helltruck.

This video from TFLnow shows a prototype wearing the same heavy camouflage as the last truck we saw. Ram loves to get tricky with its camo designs, often trying to mimic Ford F-150 characteristics and we see that very clearly as the camera passes the side, showing the Blue Oval’s signature notch at the base of the driver side window. It’s just the design of the wrap though – expect the actual vehicle to have doors with a straight beltline like the standard Ram 1500.

Where things get interesting in this video is at the front. Heavy camo wrap still obscures the face, but a combination of wind and lighting reveals Ram’s long-standing crosshair grille behind the covers. This is a stark contrast to the horizontal bar design featured on the current Ram, and is certainly more reminiscent of what you find on the previous-generation model. Of course, this could also be a bit of trickery – Ram is certainly clever in disguising its prototypes and we could be seeing the outline of some fake trim behind the covers.

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One thing that isn’t fake is the exhaust sound that comes at the end of the video. If you’re not a fan of the music in the clip, another copy posted by Wesley Burk is unedited in the sound department, but is filled with wind noise until the end. We can easily hear the rumble of a V8 under the hood, but curiously, there’s no supercharger whine.

That doesn’t necessarily mean this isn’t a Rebel TRX. it’s not easy to hear a supercharger over a snarling V8 exiting dual exhausts at the rear, but could a non-supercharged variant appear without forced induction? An aggressive off-roader with only 485 horsepower (362 kilowatts) from the Challenger Scat Pack’s 6.4-liter Hemi V8 certainly wouldn’t be a bore. And it would still offer more power than the Raptor.

That said, we have every confidence that the Hellcat V8 will power the Rebel TRX. Whether other versions are offered remains to be seen, but that mystery could be solved in late June. Our latest intel says that’s when Ram plans to unleash its latest demonic spawn on the motoring public.

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