There’s a major problem with street racing in Atlanta. In fact, the problem has become so bad that some out-of-the-box solutions are being considered to address this issue, including designating a public area for would-be racers and drifters to get their game on. Whether that ultimately becomes a reality won’t matter to the 44 people who were arrested over the weekend in a major crackdown by Atlanta police.

For that matter, the 29 folks who had their cars impounded might not have rides to enjoy a publically sanctioned area for racing. In addition, 114 tickets were handed out in what WSB-TV reports was a full-on bust by multiple law enforcement agencies. In addition to Atlanta police, the Georgia State Patrol and officers from two counties assisted in the weekend-long effort. Illegal racing has long been an issue in the city, but reports suggest it’s become an even bigger problem in recent weeks with the Coronavirus pandemic leading to emptier streets and pent-up frustration.

The problem isn’t just speeding or racing, either. A video report from CBS 46 talks about mobs of cars gathering in certain areas, blocking access to roads and businesses including a hospital. Drugs and alcohol have also reportedly become infused with the action, making an already sketchy situation even more dangerous. Of the 44 people arrested, 19 were charged with drug or alcohol-related offenses, and two were charged with driving under the influence.

As for the potential solutions, the city is reportedly looking at options. The 18-year-old son of Atlanta’s mayor proposed creating a public area where people could go to race, but that raises all kinds of concerns and legal issues on its own. It also doesn’t address the crazy desire to shut down an entire freewayjust to spin some donuts.

Whether you are for or against illegal street racing, just stay safe out there.

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