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If you're in the market for a new 2021 Chevy Camaro and want to add some unique styling cues to the outside of your new muscle car, Chevy’s newest accessory packages have you covered. New for 2021 Chevy is offering two dealer-installed exterior packages that can be ordered alongside your Camaro. These subtle exterior tweaks are the perfect way to set your car apart from the crowd while using an OEM solution. 

In the world of muscle car ownership, there are thousands of aftermarket companies looking to offer owners exciting products to customize their cars. The Team from Muscles Cars & Trucks was on-site at SEMA 2019 to check out Chevy's LT1 Concept Camaro that debuted these new exterior accessories. Many aftermarket companies create superb products that are built to the highest quality while others are ill-fitting pieces of cheap plastic. Rather than spend your precious time researching who makes the best front splitter or black wheels for your Camaro, why not buy them from the same company that built your car in the first place?  

Gallery: 2021 Chevy Camaro Getting Red And Black Exterior Accent Packages

The Black Accent Package, which debuted at SEMA 2019 includes a satin black front splitter and 20” flat black-painted wheels. Sadly Chevy doesn’t include yellow splitter guards so don’t expect to match your Dodge Challenger friends. This accessory package is available on all 2021 Chevy Camaros except the LS Coupe and ZL1. 

The Red Accent Package makes a bolder statement with red lower grille inserts and a black and red hood decal. This package is a great way to add more presence to your Camaro without going too far with exterior modifications. 

If you’re not too interested in these exterior packages it's very important to note that Chevy offers several dealer-installed performance upgrades. Items like cold air intakes, short shifters, suspension upgrades, and exhausts are all offered as dealer installed options. Although exterior trim packages aren’t the most exciting news a growing ecosystem of dealer-installed Camaro options is always welcomed.

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