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The upcoming Rimac C_Two electric hypercar promises to be one of the most impressive all-electric vehicles ever built. The C_Two is Rimac’s second production vehicle and promises to build on an already impressive reputation for mind-bending electric performance cars. The C_Two is still in its prototype phase which means only a few lucky people have had the opportunity to drive this exciting vehicle. Today we get to watch the very first driving impressions from Nurburgring legend Misha Charoudin.

If you’re not familiar with Rimac, a quick education is in order. This Croatia based tech firm does not aspire to just be a boutique electric vehicle manufacturer, but rather a center of electric vehicle innovation. The vehicles built by Rimac are meant to inspire both customers and manufacturers to see what is possible with the power of a properly built electric vehicle. The ultimate goal of Rimac is to become a world-class supplier of EV drivetrain components and software.

Regardless of their aspirations, Rimac’s C_Two hypercar is far more than a simple marketing stunt. This vehicle promises to elevate the electric car as the pinnacle of road car performance. Rimac did not choose to pursue electric vehicles for their lack of emissions but instead believes they are the future of performance.

The C_Two’s claimed performance figures back up this mission. A sprint for 0 to 60 is easily dispatched in 1.85 seconds thanks to it’s 4 electric motors which combine for a total output of 1,914 horsepower and 1696 lb-ft of torque. This combination of four electric motors gives Rimac unrivaled control of the torque distribution on the C_Two with each motor allowing for minute changes to power output. We’re very keen to see this system in action. 

So what’s it like to drive the prototype Rimac C_Two? Good enough to make you cry tears of joy based on Misha’s experience, and he knows a thing or two about driving some of the world’s greatest performance cars.

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