Do you like your 'Vette riding this low?

Aftermarket modifications for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette are quite a few at this point, primarily because vehicle warranties tell you not to. But that doesn't mean that nobody's got the guts (and the cash) to do so.

We've seen a Corvette wearing Vossen wheels before, as well as MagnaFlow exhaust-equipped C8 that makes music with every pump on the accelerator. Even scissor doors are now available on the market, but that is quite questionable if you ask us. Of course, Hennessey is working its way now to put two turbos into the mid-engine bay of the 'Vette, with a final product we're expecting to see this year.

Gallery: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Riding Low With Air Suspension

The mentioned modifications above are inevitable, and so is this one featured by AutotopiaLA on Youtube. Now, the Corvette C8 isn't exactly tall-riding – it has 5.3 inches (135 millimeters) of ground clearance for a 3LT with the Z51 performance package, which can be raised by 2 inches if equipped with the optional front lift kit.

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The air suspension on this build, however, slams the Corvette even lower, which, in our opinion, looks really good and quite fits the mid-engine sports car. Even better, the bags on this C8 didn't need to replace the Magnaride suspension that it comes with, according to its owner Alex Lawn. So, same handling but with the option to sit closer to the ground.

Apart from the air suspension, Lawn also added exposed carbon fiber elements into the C8 like grille inserts, side skirts, front splitters, among others.

He isn't quite done with the updates, though. Expect this C8 to turn into a widebody Corvette, plus more carbon fiber parts, as well. Watch the video on top of this page for the full feature.