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As technology progresses, so is car design. Advancements made in EV technology are giving designers more freedom than ever before as the limitations prompted by a combustion engine are eliminated. The same holds true for the interior since an electric compact car can now offer the interior space of a model from a segment above.

In addition, aerodynamics is now more important than ever, whether it’s to boost fuel efficiency or to increase performance in the case of a sports car. Virtual reality and other new methods have overhauled the design process, with sophisticated tools allowing an automaker’s design team to be more productive and speed up the design process.

While fully autonomous cars are still many years away, designers are already thinking of how a car interior will have to dramatically change following the removal of the steering wheel.

The 2020 Motor Valley Fest’s Design Roundtable will attempt to preview the future of car design with key members of the industry.

Speakers: Kevin Rice / Carsten Monnerjan / Walter De Silva / Horacio Pagani

We'll talk about it with:

Walter De Silva, Designer

Carsten Monnerjan, Head of Design Italdesign

Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer Pagani Automobili

Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer Pininfarina


Moderator: Alessandro Lago (Motor 1)

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