Nissan allegedly showed dealers the photo “last March.”

Nissan gave the Frontier a new engine for 2020, and promised greater things were to come. The truck, even with its new mill, is still outdated compared to its growing list of competitors, but we’re excited about the redesigned pickup slated for 2021. We know a lot about it already, but a new video hints that Nissan may have something sportier in the works. The Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk video alleges to show an off-kilter photo of the Nissan Frontier Nismo the automaker showed to dealers.

The lone photo shows off the boxy exterior, its flared fenders, and the bold NISMO lettering in the grille. What else does Nissan have that ends in “-MO?” Red accents are visible on the gray, plastic cladded wheel arches and grille surround. There’s also a sizeable inlet between the fender flare and the front fascia just below the headlight. The rear looks equally chiseled with a bold bedside fender flare.

This photo was allegedly taken during a slideshow presentation to dealers “last March,” which would explain the image’s subpar quality, and its blue, projector-like tint. However, there’s no clarification if “last March” refers to March 2020 or March 2019, so it’s unclear how old the photo is. David Boyd of the Nissan Nation Productions YouTube channel had the image sent to him from an undisclosed source.

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The video is unclear as to what exactly Nissan showed dealers, and when. However, buried in the video’s comments was one from the Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk YouTube channel that said Nissan showed this to dealers as the next-generation Frontier. There’s just too much uncertainty about the photo, but you can watch the video and judge for yourself. It has us thinking that maybe this isn’t the next-gen Frontier Nismo, but the next-gen Frontier with the promise of greater things to come.