Judging recent patent drawings and applications, Ferrari is currently working on a one-off version of the FF which will receive the SP FFX nameplate.

Jalopnik has put the pieces of the puzzle together and they say Ferrari is working on a new one-off model part of its Special Projects (SP) which we assume is for a very wealthy and famous client. It was on October 4 when Ferrari filed those patent drawings and on the same day they also filed a patent application for the "SP FFX" designation along with a logo.

We should expect to see basically a coupe version of the Ferrari FF likely to maintain the 4RM four-wheel drive system and the V12 6.3-liter engine which could get a power bump from the standard 651 bhp (485 kW).

The SP FFX will be Ferrari's latest SP model after other models such as the SP12 EC (Eric Clapton), P540 Superfast Aperta, Superamerica 45 and 612 GTS Pavesi.

Mysterious Ferrari patent photos probably show one-off SP FFX