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This March's Geneva Motor Show was supposed to be the biggest and most important automotive event during the first half of the year. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving us with online debuts of the cars that were planned for big public premieres near Lake Geneva. 

One of the manufacturers that had grand unveilings scheduled for Geneva was Koenigsegg. The Swedish supercar automaker brought the Jesko Absolut and Gemera to the show just days before it was annulled. In a new video, the brand’s founder, CEO, and ideologist - Christian von Koenigsegg, takes a tour around the company’s Palexpo stand.

Gallery: Koenigsegg Gemera

Basically, Koenigsegg elevated a building inside another building, and it was a very stylish and functional one. In addition to the main stand, it also had two conference halls, a configurator room for the Jesko, a hangout area with an Xbox station featuring an actual Regera steering wheel and seat, and more. We were most surprised by the fact that the company made a copy of the skid marks from its Angelholm’s track.

A quick look from one of the brand’s rooms at the cancelled show reveals a pretty depressive sight where most other companies are disassembling their stands. This year’s show had a lot of good debuts and, judging by the efforts put by Koegnisegg, it would have been a memorable event.

Nevertheless, the Swedish manufacturer made online debuts of its two new supercars - and they are both absolutely awesome. Make sure to check out the related links above in case you’ve missed their debuts.

Gallery: Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

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