Will the new 930 bhp Lamborghini Gallardo by Heffner Performance be rear-wheel driven?

Violent explosions heard at the Heffner home aren’t of three blonde bombshells posing for pictures. That’s a different Heffner. This one’s in Florida and them explosions are real enough, happening beneath the surface of a Lamborghini Gallardo’s bonnet. Thereupon they make a stupid 694kW at the wheels and peak torque of 1032Nm, which is just as dumb. Even dumber is the possibility that Heffner Performance will ‘disable’ the car’s standard AWD system to put traction responsibilities solely at the feet of the rear wheels.

The twin turbos mated to Gallardo’s 5.0-litre V10 have ensured excellent performance credentials at the feet of the supreme commander; the driver. Mods to suit the package are extensive, including polished crankshaft journals, steel cylinder liners, a heavy-duty clutch to cope, uprated fuel and water pumps and a water-cooled intercooler. The exterior is fitted with carbon-fiber decklid at the rear, a diffuser and spoiler Superleggera-like.

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