Scissor doors were cool back when Lamborghini used to put them on their cars. In fact, scissor door kits or Lambo door kits, as they were called, were a thing, to the point that even Hondas were getting installed with one, which looked a bit tacky by the way but hey, to each his own.

But let's face it – scissor doors fit mid-engine supercars more rather than econoboxes. Now that the 2020 Chevy Corvette has been out, some might think that fitting it with scissor doors would work on the popular mid-engine sports car.

Corvette Scissor Doors

If you're one of those who think so, Eikon Motorsports from Scottsdale, Arizona may have something that you're looking for.

The scissor doors themselves are manufactured by Vertical Doors Inc. Although there isn't a finished product displayed on Eikon Motorsports website, the tuning company is already accepting pre-orders for scissor doors kit for Corvette C8. The price listed is $2,999, but the description says $2,899 for the kit itself. If you want Eikon to install the kits for you, the final price would be $4,300 and comes with lifetime warranty.

The kit comes with two gas shocks and a direct bolt-on hinge kit. The doors also mount to factory bolt pattern. If somewhere along the way you've changed your mind, Eikon said that the process is completely reversible.

We're just not sure about the warranty, though, since you're altering the body of the car. Best case scenario, powertrain warranty should still be intact, so that's one less thing to worry about.

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