The current coronavirus pandemic has loosened up in some places, especially in Europe wherein automakers have started to resume their production and the Nurburgring has opened its doors to tourist runs since April 30.

With that, probably the youngest and cutest returning tourist at the 'Ring also earmarked her 250th shotgun lap, and it's all captured on video by her father. The four-year-old passenger is named Analiese and her proud dad Robert Mitchell posted the video on Youtube to highlight the child's momentous event. At that age, Analiese must have had the more number of laps in the Nurburgring than individuals five to six times her age.

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As shared by Mitchell on the video description, Analiese has done several laps at the 'Ring while riding shotgun on numerous different cars. Most are European cars but most notable are the Porsches, including the 718 Cayman GTS that the girl's riding in on the video (embedded on top of this page).

Of course, Analiese was in her appropriate child seat, and we can tell that the dad wasn't pushing the lap hard for obvious safety reasons. We like how the girl was able to identify the turns with her dad and we could actually see the enthusiasm in her eyes while doing the lap.

We couldn't help but imagine how this girl would grow up to become, going back to the 'Ring from time to time and finishing laps while in the driver's seat. She'd probably hit every apex and master every corner. If I were a carmaker executive watching this video, I'd probably take note and find this girl when she reaches legal age – and probably hire her for lap times.

With that said, the dad of the year award should probably go to Mitchell. We sure do hope you continue developing your daughter's love for motorsport as she grows older.

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