Finally and exhaust note fit for the C8 Corvette.

The 2020 C8 Corvette is one of the most exciting cars of the decade delivering the fabled mid-engined layout to America's most beloved sportscar. The C8 Corvette represents a massive change for the Corvette, however, regardless of engine layout Corvette owners are one of the most passionate groups when it comes to aftermarket modifications. Although the C8 hasn’t been on the road for very long, the team at Fabspeed Motorsports has already developed a myriad of exhaust options that improve the sound, reduce weight, and marginally increase horsepower. 

In the world of aftermarket exhausts, sound is the biggest change customers will notice. In stock form, the C8 Corvette is offered with an adjustable exhaust system that allows owners to choose between loud and more civilized sound levels. Exhaust gases are directed by an electronically controlled valve system which gives owners the option to silently cruise when they want to and make some noise when the time presents itself. 

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This adjustability is also available on Fabspeed’s Valvetronic Exhaust, which has its own system of valves to keep sound levels in check. Open the valves and you get the louder exhaust note synonymous with an aftermarket exhaust system, close them and your neighbors will thank you. Adjustability is a newer feature in the world of exhausts and makes an aftermarket system more liveable especially for daily drivers.


Another big advantage of an aftermarket exhaust is weight reduction. Thanks to the lighter build of Fabspeed’s system, there is a claimed weight savings of 20 lbs over the stock Corvette system. Sure 20 lbs isn’t a huge savings, but it’s a step in the correct direction when it comes to improved performance.

When it comes to power gains, Fabspeed claims gains of 4 whp and 6 lb-ft, which are negligible at best, however, they hint at the ability to deliver even more power with a tune or forced induction. These gains are thanks to larger tubing diameters used in the Fabspeed system as well as higher flow catalytic converters. 

Would you keep your Corvette’s exhaust system stock or seek out an aftermarket option?