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Everyone has a bad day. Apparently our spy photographers caught this engineer testing the upcoming Hyundai 45 electric crossover because he flipped off the camera in a few of the shots. The company isn't yet revealing much of the forthcoming EV because this one still wears lots of concealment over the body.

As an EV, Hyundai can cover the entire front without having the same level of concern about cooling that comes with a combustion engine. From the looks of things, the production version of the 45 concept is not going to pixel-like lighting from the concept's nose. This development vehicle wears more conventional lamps. The body cladding makes it hard to know for sure, but the overall styling doesn't appear to have the crisp, angular lines from the concept.

Unlike the three-door concept, the production version of the 45 a five-door layout. The cladding hides the profile's styling, so we can't see whether the sharp creases are still part of the design. The two-tone greenhouse that makes the pillars blend into the glass is gone, though.

Hyundai 45 EV Spy Shots
Hyundai 45 Concept: Frankfurt 2019

Hyundai thoroughly hides the rear of this development vehicle. Like at the front, there's no sign of the pixel-like lamps from the concept. In addition, the lights no longer span the entire width of the tail.

These images don't provide a good glimpse inside the cabin, but we see enough to know that the interior looks nothing like the ultra-minimalist concept. It had a simple, cloth-covered dashboard and no center console.

Gallery: Hyundai 45 Concept

The vehicle's powertrain is a complete mystery, other than it being electric. Even for the concept, Hyundai didn't offer any details about the crossover's propulsion.

Current info suggests this crossover should be on sale – at least in some markets – in 2021. The debut could happen in very late 2020 or early 2021.

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