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The revived Hummer moniker was supposed to debut on May 20 this year but the coronavirus outbreak delayed the premiere indefinitely. A new date hasn’t been announced yet but GMC says it’s working hard on the development of the model and we hope it’ll be out before the year’s end. Until we see the final product, here’s an interesting idea coming from an independent designer.

This is surely not the most detailed and accurate rendering of the Hummer we've seen but the idea behind it is more important here. The drawing appears to be based on the latest Chevrolet Tahoe, which gained a Hummer-branded front fascia with additional off-road appeal and GMC badging on the front fenders in this design exercise.

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GMC confirmed the revived Hummer will be a “truck” and this could mean anything from a brawny SUV-type vehicle to a traditional pickup, or even something in-between. One of the model’s teaser videos released by the manufacturer earlier this year suggested it will take the shape of a traditional quad-cab pickup with four doors and a short bed.

This rendering here proposes the idea of a three-row, seven-seat luxury SUV. While that is not something that’s missing in General Motors’ portfolio, bear in mind that the new Hummer will rely on an all-electric powertrain. And if we imagine the EV actually seats seven people, there’s the innovation this rendering proposes.

For a comparison, artists envisioned the new Hummer as a four-door truck with design cues from other GMC and Chevrolet products (see the gallery below). Tell us your opinion in the comments section below - what do you think the revived Hummer will look?

Gallery: GMC Hummer EV Rendering

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