Not too long ago Audi said they would expand their line-up significantly. If this concept is any indicator of things to come then there is much to look forward to! Meet the Audi TT Clubsport quattro - a speedster which made its debut today at the annual VW-Audi meet at Worthersee in Austria. More photos after the jump. The speedster comes equipped with the 2.0 TFSI engine and produces over 300hp. Actual specs are not known but if you figure that it has 300+ hp, weighs less than the regular TT and has DSG transmission it should hit 300km/h top speed and 0-100kph shouldn't take much longer than 5 seconds. Although this one-off project is not very practical, there is talk to build a few as a limited edition. Let's hope so. Funny little detail is that the car has no door handles, the doors are opened via switch operated solenoid actuators. Other noticeable details include the huge single grill, 20-inch wheels with 265/30 tires front and rear (8 cm wider than stock TT), minuscule side mirrors and an almost non-existent windshield. Stay tuned for the official press release in a few hours.

Gallery: Audi TT Clubsport quattro Pops up in Austria