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As life in Croatia is transitioning back to relative normality, Rimac is back at work producing its brand new electric supercar, the C_Two. In the video above, Rimac founder, Mate (mah-tay) Rimac, takes a ride with the company’s test and development driver Miroslav Zrnčević to discuss the future of the C_Two and how Zrnčević came to be in his position.

Zrnčević has quite an interesting story about rising to his current stature. Starting out as an automotive journalist, he had aspirations to be a test driver. It turns out that Zrnčević and Rimac both knew each other long before the company had even started. They had spent countless hours together at drift track days with a special BMW. In fact, it was the very Bimmer that Rimac converted to electric power, becoming the nexus of the company.

While no development driving opportunities were initially available for Zrnčević at Rimac, he began as a marketing assistant and worked his way up to the position. Although he was previously a writer for EVO Magazine and Auto Bild, Zrnčević is very mechanically adept. Along with receiving a degree in mechanical engineering, he started the Formula Student team at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

rimac concept two 01

This mechanical knowledge is invaluable as a development driver. Along with his driving acumen, Zrnčević’s mechanical background helps him explain the best way engineers can improve the car. This is paramount as the C_Two is a trailblazer in complex electric supercar tech.

Zrnčević, an avid sim-racer, says that it keeps his reflexes sharp in these times. He has even started an online community in Croatia where sim racers can challenge his skills. We’d love to see a look at his sim-rig in the next installment of Monday’s with Mate.

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