We haven’t seen much of the Genesis GV70. Our first spy photos arrived in October 2019, giving us a taste of the SUV in production form. Since then, things on the GV70 front have been eerily quiet, and honestly, this new spy video is also eerily quiet. We’re given outstanding views of the forthcoming small SUV from every angle, but there’s such a lack of engine sound with the action, we’re tempted to say an electric powertrain is hiding underneath.

We are only tempted though, because it's not electrical. Aside from whooshing air and some prolific tire noise, we do hear this prototype’s engine clearly on a few occasions. Genesis engineers seem very keen to emphasize the luxury aspect of this luxurious people mover by offering a very quiet engine.

Our sources tell us two gasoline mills and a diesel should be available; the GV70 will share a platform with the next-generation Hyundai Tucson, and we heard that model will get Hyundai’s new 2.5-liter Theta3 engine. It could be one of the GV70's options, and we’ve also heard it could borrow engine choices from the G70 sedan.

Gallery: Genesis GV70 Spy Screenshots

The GV70 might have Hyundai bones, but its exterior styling will be all Genesis with the company's trademark grille and headlight design similar to the GV80. There’s no denying the GV70’s backside resembles the classic Porsche 928 in many ways, and as this video shows, it doesn’t appear to be a slouch on the track. It’s not a buttoned-down performance machine though – dancing through corners at the Nürburgring we see plenty of movement in the body and suspension. It seems the GV70’s primary mission, at least in with regards to this prototype, emphasizes comfort over performance.

Coronavirus has shifted the timetable for pretty much every new vehicle program. Initial word had the GV70 launching in 2021, and we’ve heard nothing new regarding that target. However, it’s possible the GV70 will debut later in 2021 as opposed to earlier.

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