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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 is still the hottest performance car of the moment, and a new video from Hennessey Performance shows what this popular machine can do in races against a Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody. The results highlight how impressive the new 'Vette accelerates.

The first race is from a standing start. The Dodge has problems hooking up, and the Chevy speeds away. The Corvette has no problem launching and leaves the Charger behind. At the end of the quarter-mile, the 'Vette is several car lengths ahead.

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The second race is from a 40-mile-per-hour (64 kilometer-per-hour) roll. The run is much closer. The Corvette takes an initial lead, but the Charger claws back from behind. The Dodge wins, but the Chevy is nipping at its heels at the finish line.

At 495 horsepower (369 kilowatts), the Corvette is at a distinct power disadvantage to the 707-hp  (527-kW) Charger Hellcat Widebody. However, the 'Vette weighs around 950 pounds (431 kilograms) less than the Dodge. The Chevy is also more aerodynamic than the boxy sedan. The mid-engined layout also has traction advantages. 

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The major weakness to the Corvette right now is that finding one to purchase is a tough endeavor. The few sellers are often asking for a premium over MSRP. Chevy only managed to make just under 2,700 of them before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of the Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant.

To even this fight a little, a Redeye version of the Charger Hellcat Widebody is reportedly on the way. It would allegedly boost the supercharged engine's output to 797 hp (594 kW). There would probably be other performance upgrades too that would make the most of the extra output.

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