Ferrari is no stranger to building both front- and mid-engine supercars. It has often used the front-engine layout for its grand tourers, and that’s just what Ferrari did when it introduced the 812 Superfast a few years ago. The GT space has gotten a bit more crowded with the 2020 McLaren GT, though it uses a mid-engine layout. What would a mid-engine Ferrari GT look like? A new video from TheSketchMonkey takes the front-engine 812 and does just that.

Changing a front-engine Ferrari to a mid-engine one isn’t as simple as moving the cabin forward and grabbing a beer. Many mid-engine cars have a front clip that flows into the A-pillar and roof – like Lamborghini. But Ferrari doesn’t do that. Instead, there’s a dip between the fender and A-pillar that gives a mid-engine Ferrari a more sculpted front end. TheSketchMonkey takes this into account, both extending and lowering the 812’s front end while emphasizing the front wheel arches.

The 812’s bold scallop in the side transforms into a sizeable intake that’s likely feeding air to the engine that’s now in the back. There’s even a tiny intake behind the windows at the rear of the greenhouse. The rendering keeps Ferrari’s distinct styling, and that of the 812 Superfast, with the curvy fenders, swopping design lines, and elongated front end. Squint and the red Italian supercar blurs into a shadow that looks strangely like the mid-engine 2020 Chevy Corvette.

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The 812 in the rendering keeps the Superfast’s long and low style, which should help it retain its GT driving characteristics, too. The 812 isn’t a hardcore track star, though it can certainly hold its own. Ferrari designed the 812 for high-speed luxury that combines performance and comfortable long-distance driving into one package. Ferrari just so happens to keep the engine in the front – a honking 6.5-liter V12 making 788 horsepower (587 kilowatts).

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