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The torture of racing is the battlefield where engineering and materials reveal their limit as there is no greater test than the world of motorsports. Although most car companies participate in motorsports, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how that technology makes it into their road-going consumer products. For boutique supercar manufacturer, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, racing technology, and design is the very blueprint of their consumer-grade products where customers can buy actual motorsport bred products for their own personal use. Take for example their Baja 1000 winning SCG Boot, which is currently in development for consumer purchasing.

In the 2019 Baja 1000 with the Ford Bronco making its highly publicized return to racing, the unlikely SCG Boot won the Baja 1000. The team at SCG drove their SCG Boot from the factory in upstate New York all the way to Baja, won the race, and then drove the Boot home to New York. This was far more than a publicity stunt but rather a delivery on a promise to transfer racing technology directly to customers. 


When taking on the Baja 1000 at speed you’re able to quickly evaluate the durability of your vehicle. This grueling race can destroy even the strongest designs and reveals off-road durability much like the 24 Hours of Le Mans does for road cars, but with jumps and rocks.  Here we see a video of the power window mechanism used in the consumer Baja Boot. This minor system was put to the test at Baja according to SCG, “ We learned so much from the brutality of racing the Baja 1000. After the race destroyed the original lift mechanism we made it more robust.”

The win on Sunday sell on Monday mentality of car marketing is alive and well. With motorsport grade engineering leading the way for SCG’s road cars, we expect more exciting developments as their product portfolio continues to grow.

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