Forget everything you know about badass Russian automobiles and the people that drive them. No longer will mobsters or Russian FSB or even KGB rock the already imposing Mercedes G-Wagons. Much like the Suburbans and Tahoes of their Western counterparts, Rhose Mercs are a dime a dozen, and Russia needs a new vehicle that exudes style, machismo, and brings a whole new level of badassery. That vehicle is here in this video, for the awesome guys over at Garage 54 have cooked up what is undoubtedly the best version of the ubiquitous and ever-reliable (we cannot confirm this) Lada. That's right, this Lada is unlike any other, as it comes equipped with worthwhile upgrades that will make anyone behind the wheel a total badass. 

Announce your arrival with a trunk-mounted six-speaker system that's, of course, properly wired up to an amp and subs for maximum audio quality. Nothing beats rolling up to your friend's house, a car meet, or even a weapons deal with your favorite tunes. That's not all, park up and alight your car in style thanks to an awesome set of gullwing doors. Just watch out for any cars or other objects next to you. Last, but definitely not the least, is an upgrade that will definitely strike fear in tailgaters, pedestrians, and generally anyone behind you; an exhaust that's made to look like a minigun. Or is it a minigun made to look like an exhaust? We don't want to find out for ourselves.

Gallery: Lada With Machinegun Exhaust, Gullwing Doors Is Russian Tuning At Its Finest

The best part is, this was all done in a garage, with a lot of patience, the proper tools, and all the right materials. That means anyone can rock this sweet exhaust/weapon of war, but we're not absolutely sure about the legalities of street use. 

In all seriousness, though, check out the video above to see how creative these Russians can get. And, just like most of their videos, if it can be built, destroyed, or improved, you can bet that they've done something similar. All in the name of science! Okay, not really. 


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