Romanian specialty marque Ghe-o Motors has recently unveiled the Rescue which can be considered as an extreme off-roader.

Designed to go on virtually any type of terrain, the Ghe-o Motors Rescue was entirely designed and built in Romania and is capable of providing fire extinguishing and medical support services. It can transport up to 11 people and boasts a roof-mounted foldable cargo space. It won't sink into the snow thanks to pneumatic pillows on the wheels which will also allow the car to float on water.

It's compatible with a wide variety of accessories such as water pumps for firefighters and a 620-liter water tank. For extremely difficult terrain it can be equipped with tracks on rear wheels, while for slippery roads it can get a passenger trailer without wheels.

The vehicle is 5.2 meters (204.7 inches) long, 2.7 meters (106.3 inches) wide and 2.39 meters (94.1 inches) tall and tips the scales at a considerable 3.2 tons (6,400 lbs). It can be powered by a variety of gasoline engines with outputs varying from 340 bhp (253 kW) to 500 bhp (373 kW), as well as by diesels starting at 218 bhp (163 kW) and topping out at 304 bhp (227 kW). Ghe-o Motors says these engines can receive water and electromagnetic protection for military applications.

Gallery: Ghe-o Motors Rescue is a Romanian all-terrain vehicle [video]

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