Greek car magazine Autotriti treats us to some photochops of the (presumably) 2008 Seat Ibiza. There is no official word from the Spanish automaker about the new Ibiza, but we do know that mothercompany Volkswagen has given the go-ahead to start with developing new models and facelifting their current line-up. With that said, there have been some rumours floating around the interwebs about Seat and its future. Seat is in a slump, but have set the goal to double their sales by 2017 (to 800.000 units). And as a direct result, unfounded claims start surfacing, like the Bolero (which is not coming) but we can see Seat coming through with this Ibiza. WCF Computer Image Rating (1-10): 7

Gallery: Rumours: 2008 Seat Ibiza